Monday, March 16, 2015

Last LesCaves show for Live Music, Mar.25th

A recent email from the LesCaves management indicates that they will not be renewing their (ridiculously expensive) subscription with the Ascap/BMI music licensing organizations in April.
As a result the last Live music show at LesCaves will be March 25th.

That show should be the 150th one in the series over the three year span this has been going on. During that time I'm only aware of one no-show and one double booking. Kudos to all involved.
This site had over 5000 unique visitors during that span.

Many thanks to the LesCaves employees for their time and effort (and occasional forbearance ;-)  and of course the many (well over 50) musicians who participated.  AND of course the fans, some of whom were there just about every time their favorite band(s) were on the roster. Sad to see it go.

Soooooo: Lets get out and support the last two bands who will be playing: Gumbo on Mar.18th and The Thormalen's on Mar.25th

IF: we get a similar series going at another venue, we'll post something here.
Talks are ongoing. Don't abandon hope.

Thanks everyone! It's been fun!

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